The Milkman

The Milkman has arrived. And with him, he brings a truly top quality e-liquid range. Imagine a warm toasted fruit tart. Now throw that in the blender with some vanilla bean ice cream and milk. That's the Milkman. A toasted fruit tart milkshake. And with the new arrivals of Churrios, Moonies, Pudding, Cumbleberry, Strudelhaus and Little Dipper it is safe to say that both indulgent juices match style and presentation with beautiful flavours. Brewed in Sunny Los Angeles, The Milkman e-liquid always delivers. For your Milky Clouds.

The Milkman e-liquid is the brainchild of Barbara Villegas from Los Angeles in California. Using her experience running a hookah bar and a gourmet ice cream shop Barbara started creating her own flavours based on the recipes she had for... ice cream and hookah flavours!

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