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Fiber N' Cotton

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Product Description

You used to like Fiber Freaks? You will love Fiber n'Cotton! Created by Mahood Gufu ex-creator of Fiber Freaks (closed in 2017), Fiber n’Cotton will offer you the most advanced wicking material! A finely tuned blend of purified cotton and food grade cellulose fibers, both chosen for their unique attributes.

By blending the purest cellulose fibers with high-quality cotton, Fiber n'Cotton is providing finely-tuned wick to suit all atomizers. The special purification process produces cotton fibers with high absorption and an absolutely clean taste. The cellulose added to the blend gives a high capillary action to ensure the finest performance for current material.

Fiber n’Cotton wick was elaborated with a clear focus: to create a wick that would cover all the different vape styles and gears without reducing the effectiveness of some particular aspects. A perfect alchemy of fibers selection, product design, chemistry and mechanical engineering. Therefor our wicking material is a finely tuned blend of purified cotton and cellulose fibers, both chosen for their unique attributes.

Cotton is picked by hand to preserve the quality of the fibers. The purification process is perfectly balanced to ensure no break-in taste and a great absorption capacity. The cellulose fibers are the purest ones available. Specially designed for a specific sector of the food industry, they combine high capillary action, completely neutral taste and health safety at all temperatures.


  • Made in France
  • Suitable for RTA/RDA
  • Clean tasting and easy to tear for use in atomizers


  • 10g of cotton
  • Resealable On-the-Go Packaging