SQuape E[motion] RTA Deck De

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Product Description

The DualCoil Deck "De" for the SQuape E [motion]! Suitable for experienced steamers. The "De" deck is distinguished by its two wide ducts and the two air ducts directly to the two windings. The deck is ideally suited for cotton wool, fiber and mesh.

Suitable for windings up to 3.0 mm in diameter. At the same time the wire ends must be fastened to the brackets. Then pull the cotton wool through the windings and cut to the length of the deck (cut obliquely to the deck). The cotton wool still something. - finished.

Recommended for this deck: 0.25 - 1.0 Ohm / 20 - 75 W



  • 1 x SQuape E[motion] - Deck “De”