Vapowire Nickel Wire 26 Gauge

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Product Description

Vapowire is the industry's leading supplier of non-resistance Nickel (NI200) wire for the rebuildable electronic cigarette market. Spools are 100% machine wound and come conveniently packaged for storage and display. Vapowire is 100% USA made and their production process ensures that the presence of contaminants typically resulting from manual handling and spooling are kept to a minimum. This ensures maximum wire life and the highest quality vaping experience. 

This wire can only be used with a device capable of Temperature Control such as the Vapor Shark rDNA60, YiHi SX Mini MX Class or Dicodes Dani Extreme V3.

Warning: If you have Nickel allergy, do not use this wire as it contains nickel.


  • Brand: Vapowire
  • Material: Nickel (NI200)
  • Gauge: 26 AWG
  • Type: Round
  • Resistance: 0.2373 Ω/ft. @ 68°F
  • Temperature Coefficient: 0.00620
  • Made in USA


  • 1 x 30ft Spool of Nickel Wire 26 Guage by Vapowire

Vapekulture's Review

Vapowire makes one of the finest quality non-resistance nickel wire money can buy today. If you like to dabble with TC, then Vapowire is the best wire money can buy.