Disposable Coils vs Rebuildable Coils

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Disposable Coils vs Rebuildable Coils

Disposable coils are basically ready made coils just like food takeouts! It’s easy and convenient but using them constantly can be expensive down the road. Rebuildable coils however, is exactly like cooking your own dishes. You have the flexibility, the options and it is so much cheaper! But just like cooking, you have to learn a thing or two to make a good dish.

Disposable Coils Rebuildable Coils
Coil is pre-made for you Make coil and insert cotton yourself
Fixed resistance (Ω) of coils Resistance (Ω) is based on your build
Fixed wattage range based on coil Wattage range is based on your build
Expensive in the long run Cheaper in the long run
Plug-and-Play Has a learning curve

Ease Of Use

Disposable coils definitely win this category. Having the coils pre-made for you and swapping the coils in and out of the tank is super convenient.

Rebuildable coils however, take a little bit of practice to get the best out of it. It also can be time consuming to learn and build it yourself although with the right tool and your preferred wires and cotton, it will bring your vaping experience to a whole other level!

Precision & Customizability

Building your own coils gives you the utmost control over your setup. By getting your hands down and dirty, you can be as precise as you want with your resistance, with your coil wraps as well as wicking your cotton. You also have endless building possibilities with all the different wire and cotton in the market.

Disposable coils on the other hand, you’re limited with what the manufacturer produces. Same goes to your wattage depending on the resistance of your coil.

 Vaponaute L'Hypersonic

Affordability & Availability

A pack of disposable coils would set you back roughly RM40 ~ RM50. On average, it’ll probably last you up to 2 weeks or more than a month. Not too bad right? There are many popular disposable coils that have been in the market for many years but you still might run into the risk of finding replacement coils as newer tanks and pods gain popularity.

On the other hand, one pack of cotton and wire easily lasts you months! And they’re really cheap in the long run as a pack of each would be around RM50. Wire and cotton are also much more easily available so you won’t be running out of it anytime soon.


Disposable coils are most commonly used in tanks and especially in pod systems such as the Fantasy Holy Grail by Vika or the Caliburn G by Uwell.

Rebuildable coils can also be used in pods that have rebuildable decks but are the bread and butter when it comes to rebuildable drippers, tanks and dripping tank atomizers. They’re also commonly abbreviated as RDA, RTA, and RDTA.


Which should I choose?

Use Disposable Coils If : Use Rebuildable Coils If :
  • You want your vaping experience to be quick and easy
  • You prefer to have the convenience
  • You just want a setup that works
  • You don’t mind the pre-made settings
  • You like to tinker with stuff
  • You want to keep your vaping costs low
  • You want to have customisations of your setup
  • You want to have control your over setup