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Pod Systems -

Vape lingo can be quite confusing at times. There’s ADV, wicking, disposables and whatnot but today we will be talking about pod systems! They’re all super popular among both newbies and seasoned vapers because of it’s convenience but not all pod systems are the same. They all share similarities but have enough differences between them which may or may not suit your lifestyle.

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Coils, Vape -

Disposable coils are basically ready made coils just like food takeouts! It’s easy and convenient but using them constantly can be expensive down the road. Rebuildable coils however, is exactly like cooking your own dishes. You have the flexibility, the options and it is so much cheaper! But just like cooking, you have to learn a thing or two to make a good dish.

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Freebase, Saltnic, Vape -

Is there a difference vaping freebase nicotine vs nicotine salts and does it matter ? Yes it does!

But which one is better for me you ask?

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