Pod Systems - Open Pod, Closed Pod & Disposable Pod

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Pod Systems - Open Pod, Closed Pod & Disposable Pod

Vape lingo can be quite confusing at times. There’s ADV, wicking, disposables and whatnot but today we will be talking about pod systems! They’re all super popular among both newbies and seasoned vapers because of it’s convenience but not all pod systems are the same. They all share similarities but have enough differences between them which may or may not suit your lifestyle.

Differences Open Pod System Closed Pod System Disposables
Refillable Yes No No
Maintenance Medium Low Hassle-Free
Flavour Options Limitless Limited To Manufacturer Limited To Manufacturer
Type of Nicotine Freebase or Nic Salts Nic Salts Nic Salts
Rechargable Yes Yes No
Upfront Cost Higher Decent Lower
Long Term Cost Lower Decent Higher

Learning Curve & Maintenance

Disposable pod systems by far are the easiest to use. Simply pick one up and you can start vaping away until the battery or juice finishes. Once empty you can dispose of it, hence the name. No maintenance, thus hassle-free!

Closed pod systems on the other hand are the in-between. The cartridges come prefilled with juices so the only maintenance here is swapping the cartridges out once the liquid inside is finished and charging the device. But other than that, you’re good to go!

Open pod systems have the most maintenance and a slight learning curve compared to the rest. The cartridges are typically divided into 2 - 3 sections which may include the mouthpiece, the empty cartridge itself and the coil while some have their cartridges as one whole piece. The maintenance comes in when you have to refill your cartridge with juice, or more commonly known as pod, or replace the coil once it’s burnt and give the empty cartridge a wash before putting in a new coil. These devices also require recharging. It can be troublesome for some but the benefits do outweigh the detriments. 

Uwell Caliburn G Pod Systems

Juice Options

Both disposable and closed pod systems are definitely much easier to use and maintain and work really well for beginners, but the downside of it is your juice selection in both flavour and nicotine strength is limited to what the manufacturer makes.

If you prefer unrestricted access to any juice on the market then open pod systems are the better option. This affords you the choice of the exact flavour and nicotine strength you desire. Open pod systems often have a range of coils with larger wicking areas which provides better juice absorption for high VG juices and higher wattage settings allow you to maximise the flavours of freebase nicotine juices!

Affordability & Cost

Just like DIY, it’s much cheaper to do it yourself. Same goes with pod systems! Open pod systems in the long run will save you more money as you only have to top up on your juices and coils.

Closed and disposable pod systems can get a bit pricey in the long run but it’s great when you’re just starting to vape. Paying as little as RM15 for a disposable pod system to try out vaping is much better than paying for a full setup of an open pod system with a bottle of juice which will set you back at least by RM100.

Halo eLite Disposable Pod System


As with normal vape devices, some open pod systems allow you to adjust your wattage settings! This can be incredibly useful if you’re switching between freebase and salt nicotine juices or want that extra control over warmth or cloud production.

Closed pods and disposable pods however, are set to a specific wattage based on the manufacturer. Keep in mind some open pod systems also have fixed wattages but this also makes it much easier as you don’t have to worry about the settings hence making them hassle-free!

Which should I choose?

Open Pod If: Closed Pod If: Disposable Pod If :
  • You want more flavour options
  • You want to be able to customise your coil and wattage options
  • You want to reduce your vaping cost
  • You don’t mind the limited selection of flavours
  • You don’t want to change anything and prefer to not do any cleaning on the cartridge / pod
  • You want something in between open pod and disposable pod system
  • You don’t mind the limited selection of flavours
  • You don’t want to change anything and even charge the battery.
  • You prefer the convenience overall. Use and throw.


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